Apple’s new iOS 16 could allow ads on iPhone lock screens

Yahoo Finance Technology Editor Dan Howley details how Apple’s iOS 16 will be optimal for ads, other lock screen updates, and updates to the Apple Watch.

video transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: Ok, now let’s talk about Apple. We can’t escape the ads. Now they could be coming to the lock screens of our phone. We have Yahoo Finance tech reporter Dan Howley here to explain how this could be possible. Dan, say it isn’t.

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, so far, it doesn’t look like we’re going to see anything in the way of ads on Apple devices. The big story here is pretty much what’s happening on the Android side and how that might influence what’s happening on the iOS side. So, according to TechCrunch, a company called Glance, which has set up the ability to run ads on home screens, will roll out some of those features to US smartphone carriers in the coming months.

Now, we don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like, what it’s going to be like, but obviously, you can imagine that a phone’s lock screen, which is what you see before you swipe up or enter your password or use your fingerprint, is real estate. Really good. It’s the first thing you see when you pick up your phone and probably the last thing you see when you put it to sleep at night. And that’s something that I think developers and advertisers are really interested in getting their hands on.

So this feature called Glance will be available in the coming months. But we don’t know exactly which phones will have it, whether or not it will be with Samsung or something like that. Samsung obviously the biggest Android smartphone maker here in the US As for Apple and iOS, they’re going to release a new lock screen update with iOS 16. And that’s going to be able to show things like different updates for apps, for example, your Uber arrival time, sports scores, stuff to that effect, your workouts if you’re interested in doing that.

But the fear here is that if Android starts doing this, Apple will too. But then again, there’s no indication that Apple is interested in that. And frankly, I’d be a little disappointed if Apple did something like that because it would seem to go against their ethos of making ads unobtrusive, similar to how they do it on the App Store, as it is.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: And I want to ask you about the extreme Apple Watch that a lot of people are speculating about. What are the expectations there?

DAN HOWLEY: Yes, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, this will be a version of the Apple Watch with a slightly larger screen and slightly larger battery. And the idea is that it could display more fitness information than a standard Apple Watch. So they will be the Apple Watch Series 8. Right now, we’re on the Series 7. That’s probably not going to change much from the Series 7.

Maybe a bit of an improvement performance-wise, perhaps. Maybe they can squeeze a little more battery life out of it, but there are no major changes when it comes to the processor. So you can’t expect big jumps and difference limits. However, this updated extreme version of the watch is supposed to have a metal case and a sturdier display. So in addition to being bigger, it will be more difficult for you to break or scratch it.

And I could tell you from my own Series 7, I scratched it myself doing God knows what. But he is scratched nonetheless. So, you know, it would be interesting to see how strong that extreme version would be. And Apple’s watchOS 8 is coming. That will have big improvements in the way it displays things like fitness information. So, for example, if you go for a run, it will be able to show you what your run was from the day before and the like. So I think an extreme version of the Apple Watch would fit nicely with that.

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