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Eliminate the discomfort of thigh chafing with a pair of anti-chafing shorts this summer. (False images)

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Here’s another great Prime Day deal perfect for warm weather. These SIHOHAN women’s slip-on shorts are down from £19.99 to £15.99 for a three-pack in beige; or £6.99 from £12.99 for a single black pair (single white and beige shorts are £7.99 each).

And it’s a lightning deal, which means once they’re gone, that’s it, so don’t delay.

There is nothing worse than the feeling of your thighs rubbing together, especially when you walk or run. Which can get particularly bad in the summer due to sweat.

It can be really painful, leaving the insides of your legs red, burning and sore, sometimes even resulting in lesions that look like blisters. That’s why we recommend these shorts that are designed to help stop chafing on your upper thighs.

No wonder they are recognized as one of the online retailer’s top five best-selling clothing products right now.

why we rate it

It’s no wonder these Slip Shorts are a bestseller on Amazon and have thousands of rave reviews.

Made from a blend of polyamide and elastane, they are soft to the touch, especially important for sensitive skin areas.

Cleverly, the seamless design of these Slip Shorts means the waist doesn’t sag or the legs roll up.

The shorts measure mid-thigh, so they can be worn under skirts and dresses above the knee. They are light to wear and breathable. Plus, they’re not see-through, so you can even wear them with a t-shirt to work out or go for a run or walk in them.

It’s important to note that the shorts, which are available in sizes Small to Triple Extra Large, are hand wash only.

The shorts come in all the classic colors and are available to buy individually or in a pack of three.  (Amazon)

The shorts come in all the classic colors and are available to buy individually or in a pack of three. (Amazon)

£6.99 £9.99 on amazon

The Slip Shorts come in three colors: black, white, and beige, and can be purchased individually or in a pack of three.

They also come in a cute drawstring bag, so if you want to wear them to the gym when you change, you can throw them in the bag to wash later.

Single packs have been reduced from £9.99 to £6.99 or £7.99 (depending on colour), while the beige and black colors of the multi-pack are now £15.99 from £19.99. The multi pack with all three colourways is even further reduced, from £33.99 to £15.99.

What the reviews say

With over 5,000 reviews, and 82% giving the shorts four or five stars (one reviewer even said he would give them 10 stars if he could), SIHOHAN women’s shorts are a must-have for thousands of women.

A very relieved customer explained that the shorts are a “game changer” for her when wearing dresses in the summer, while others praise the fact that they wick sweat, fit great, and are really soft and light to wear. even in the highest temperatures.

They are so good that one customer even regretted not discovering them sooner and has now promised to buy more pairs.

With other rave reviews saying things like “exceeded expectations”; “definitely 5*”; and “these are wonderful”; “I love these shorts”; “soft and light” it’s clear that shorts could be your style savior this summer.

SIHOHAN Women's Shorts

SIHOHAN Women’s Shorts

£15.99 £19.99 on amazon

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