Best Suitcases 2022: Top Luggage Brands Reviewed


Hands up, who needs a vacation? After these past few years, who wouldn’t?

Whether you’ve been daydreaming of golden sands and endless blue skies, are finally ready to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip, or just fancy a good old-fashioned seaside break, there’s one thing you’ll need beyond your phone/ keys/wallet – one big suitcase.

Something that can hold all the essentials and clothing options you’ll need while you focus on the very serious business of rest and relaxation.

However, they are more than just a wardrobe on wheels; Today’s luggage has received a smart makeover with integrated battery packs to keep your devices on the go. This feature can be a lifesaver if you find yourself in a country with the wrong (culprit) adapter.

Whether you’re looking for a matching outfit the whole family can wear, an underseat bag that meets tedious airline restrictions (cc: Ryanair and easyJet), or a stylish rocking horse for your next city break, we’ve got you covered. We have embarked on our own journey. of discovery to put the best luggage brands on your radar.

Combining practicality with killer looks, you’ll be the envy of the baggage carousel.

Keep calm, go ahead and find our edition of the best luggage brands below.


They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whether you’re traveling for work or play, carrying an Antler means it’s one less thing to worry about—these bags look like the business, no matter what’s on your itinerary. The hard case collection is made from ultra-lightweight, super-tough polycarbonate so you can save weight for the things that really matter.

They come equipped with TSA-compliant combination locks, so should security need to open your case when you’re not there, they won’t render it useless.

Dinks and bangs are par for the course, especially if you plan to pack your large bags in the hold. Although the brand cannot do anything about this, it can make the damage less obvious by fixing the color of its designs; scratches will stay true to the color of the case shell. Add in convenient telescoping handles and four wheels on the bottom of the bag for buttery-smooth gliding on virtually all terrain, and you’ve got a bag to last a lifetime.

pick it up: the Clifton set, because nothing says you’ve got your stuff together like a matching luggage set. The collection of three (cabin, medium and large bags) comes in a choice of colors: sage green, taupe, navy blue, blush pink and black.

Buy Now £587.00, Horn


From hard case models tough enough to withstand a bad day from baggage handlers, to weekend bags that will help you make a quick getaway, AWAY offers stylish and thoughtful luggage for the modern traveler.

While there are plenty of understated neutrals and metallics for business travel, there are also plenty of options in sweet and bright hues (atomic celery is one of the colors offered with the most memorable names).

At the time of publishing, the most recent release is FAR (For All Routes), a collection of duffle-style travel bags ranging from 40L to 70L. There are also convertible backpacks, tote bags, messenger bags and bags in the range.

pick it up: If you’re into spontaneous trips to the mainland, a decent carry-on should be part of your baggage brigade. AWAY’s Carry-On Flex is a hard case that can be expanded by 2.25 inches, giving you more room to store keepsakes. It comes in a variety of shades, but we can’t stop looking at this cool lavender version.

Buy Now £275.00, OFF


Designed for the discerning traveler, Rimowa is one of the first names that comes to mind when you think of luggage. No wonder, it has been ‘redefining travel’ for over 120 years, established in 1898, making it five years older than the invention of flight.

If you think that makes Rimowa’s offer old-fashioned, think again. The iconic original design, launched in the 1950s, forms the basis of the collection, but there’s more to explore: Essential is all about functionality, Essential Lite and Essential Sleeve (great for business travel). Then there are the traditional-looking Classic and Hybrid models that are combined with aluminum and feather-light polycarbonate. All German-engineered options come in a range of colors and sizes: cabin, check-in and trunk. If you feel like playing suitcase designer, you can also build your own from scratch.

Rimowa is also known for her sold-out collaborations with artists like Dior, Supreme (which sold out in 16 seconds), and Chaos, which sports an edgy drip pattern.

pick it up: the OG is still the best in our eyes. For big trips, opt for the Original Check-In L (79 x 51 x 27.5 cm) which has enough space for fifteen days of travel. Equipped with TSA-approved locks, a folding telescopic handle, high-quality wheels and a flexible divider inside, it’s a real beauty.

Buy Now £1070.00, Rimowa

Horizon Studies

Veganism is taking over the world, with suitcases the last guest to join the party. Horizn is the first of its kind to be recognized as certified vegan by PETA, making it an ideal choice for anyone following a plant-based lifestyle.

Hard cases are made from aerospace-grade polycarbonate, a material that is also used in fighter jets thanks to its light weight and impact resistance. Hey, if it’s good enough for Top Gun…

pick it up: All Horizon suitcases look the same: sleek and minimalist. However, it’s the features that will make it one he’ll come back to again and again, with the H6 front and center. He has two internal dividers to make organization in the case a breeze and it also has smart Quick Charge 3.0 technology built in. Everything is kept secure with a TSA-approved combination lock on the two-way zipper, all sitting on shock-absorbing Hinomoto swivel casters that rotate 360 ​​degrees. Smart from every angle.

Buy now £285.00, Mr Porter


Going places? Get there faster and more fashionable with Samsonite, one of the leaders in the game. The Denver-founded company has come a long way since 1910 when it started, and now offers not only large hard and soft luggage for travelers, but also smaller bags like briefcases and accessories like toiletry bags. It partners with brands like Disney to offer a range of children’s bags designed to look like iconic characters.

The range has evolved and adapted over the decades, but the one thing that has never diminished is the brand’s commitment to quality.

pick it up: there are plenty of designs to choose from, but if you want to be able to see your bag from a mile away, Samsonite’s S’Cure, a larger spinner is the way to go. It comes in a range of bright, attention-grabbing colors, with this cactus green being our pick of the bunch.

Buy Now £249.00, Amazon


You never really travel alone when you have a Tumi in hand. The brand has built its reputation on crafting high-quality, durable bags, making it a winner for both business and leisure travel. Along with a line of stylish backpacks and holdalls, the brand’s bestseller is any of its expanding suitcases, which come in hard shells made from polycarbonate, as well as more forgiving fabric versions.

pick it up: Made from something called FXT ballistic nylon (which makes it sound like a military-grade secret), the Tumi 4-Wheel Expandable Travel Case is the perfect choice for longer vacations abroad. It’s armed to the teeth with pockets to help you organize your stuff and get what you need quickly, and it has the usual bells and whistles: telescoping handle, rolling wheels, TSA combination lock. A solid and reliable option that will serve you well for years to come.

Shop Now £1100.00, Selfridges

Carl Friedrik The hand luggage professional

Sleek with Scandi-cool leanings, Carl Friedrik combines cutting-edge technology with simple design in its luggage range. Polycarbonate is the best choice for your hard-shell cases thanks to its lightweight yet sturdy qualities, but the design keeps things classic. If you’re looking for a hassle-free suitcase that’s anonymous enough to go with any type of outfit or airport destination, Carl Friedrik’s are easy on the eyes.

pick it up: With a streamlined selection of three bag sizes and the same number of leather trim colors, it’s wonderfully easy to find a bag for you. Our money’s on The Carry-on Pro, offered with or without a removable battery to keep your laptop, tablet or phone running at peak performance.

Buy Now £425.00, Carl Friedrik

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