Deals to look forward to on the Fire tablet and more


It’s that time of year again when Amazon offers us the deals and discounts of our dreams.

There will be stellar prices across the board, with the best deals likely to appear on Nintendo Switches, TVs and laptops, but we think the star of the show this year is tablets.

Stocking everything from the latest iPad to Fire Tablets to 2-in-1 laptops, it’s time to pamper yourself and pick up a shiny new device during Amazon Prime Day.

As tablets have evolved beyond the basic, clunky device used primarily by our tech-challenged parents, they now encompass a wide variety of functions, meaning they’re in demand for everyone from students doing their homework to elderly relatives. who keep in touch with their family.

The thousands of models out there make buying the right one tricky, so we’ve rounded up the top features to look out for when shopping for Prime Day deals.

  • After a tablet to improve your studies? Check out tablets that include a stylus, plenty of storage, and maybe a keyboard accessory for when you want to take quick notes.

  • For to travel tablets, size is the most important: you have to make sure that it is compact and light. Also check if it has a long battery life because is there anything worse than the device dying in the middle of its last streaming binge?

  • tablets for kids above all, it must be durable; it is likely to go through a lot of knocks and bumps, so make sure it can withstand such treatment.

  • Those who use a tablet to design (including updating your interior design Pinterest board) you should be looking for a design tablet built specifically for drawing and illustrating.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Finally the big reveal is here. Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place between 00:01am on July 12 and 23:59pm on July 13, which means there are two full days to browse and shop for those devices we’ve been looking for so long.

Do you need a Prime account to get the deals?

As the name says, this event is for Prime members only, so you’ll need to sign up to access such stellar discounts. If you’re a Prime customer, start browsing now and select your shopping list.

Still are you not a member? There is still time to register. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for new customers. If you’re then a Prime convert, after that it’s just £7.99 a month, £79 a year, or just £3.99 for students.

What kind of offers are available?

There are likely to be a variety of Amazon deals on offer, all equally great but very different. In addition to the traditional deals that run throughout Prime Day, there will also be Deals of the Day that last 24 hours (or while supplies last) and Flash Deals that offer great prices and discounts that can last from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. Don’t worry about missing out on these elusive deals, as we’ll be running a live blog throughout both days highlighting the best.

What deals on tablets were there last year?

There were some great deals last year including the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3 tablet for just £649 (saving you over £200).

What deals can we expect this year?

Amazon has given us the inside scoop on what to expect and we know this year will see some of the lowest prices on highly sought after products. They’ve specifically named the Fire 7 Kids Pro tablet, as well as other Fire tablets, so keep an eye out for pricing in the coming weeks.

Are there live deals now?

Would Amazon be Amazon without featured deals? There are always great deals on tablets, and the first Prime-specific deals start June 21, so get ready to shop.

See below for the best Amazon tablet deals right now

The best Amazon Prime Day deals on Apple iPads

There are iPads galore this Amazon Prime Day and you can buy the standard, mini, pro or air depending on your needs.

2021 Apple iPad Pro – was: £749, now: £699

Apple iPad 2021: Was: £319, Now: £309.98

2021 Apple iPad mini – was: £479, now: £459.97

2020 Apple iPad Air: Was: £519, Now: £429

The best Amazon Prime Day deals on Samsung Galaxy tablets

Save £100 on a Galaxy tablet from the latest models to older versions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – was: £559, now £489

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – was: £299, now £289

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 – was: £219, now £158

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – was: £219, now £190

The best Amazon Prime Day deals on Huawei tablets

There are some stellar savings on Huawei tablets, including pocketing a new device for under £100. Can life get any better?

HUAWEI MatePad Pro: Was £499.99, Now: £259.97

HUAWEI MatePad Upgrade: Was: £269.99, Now: £149.99

HUAWEI MatePad T 10: Was: £139.99, Now: £114.95

HUAWEI MediaPad T3 – was: £127, now: £113

HUAWEI MatePad T 8 – was: £99.99, now £79.95

The best Amazon Prime Day deals on Fire tablets

Some of the best deals you can find on Prime Day are Amazon’s own-brand products, including its Fire tablets that come in all colors and sizes.

Fire 7 tablet (32GB) + case: Was: £84.98, now £77.98

The best Amazon Prime Day deals on tablets

Aside from the big brands, there are a host of other tablets out there, and Amazon is offering us mega savings of almost 50 percent.

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus: Was: £199.99, Now: £164.99

Lenovo Tab M10: Was: £119.99, Now: £79

Kids Tablets: Was: £99.99, Now: £69.99

TECLAST M40: Was: £199.99, Now: £139.99

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