GP Baku, Verstappen-Perez doppietta Red Bull

(Adnkronos) – Max Verstappen triumphed for the first return in carrier in the Gp dell’Azerbaijgian to Baku. The Dutchman of the Red Bull does impose davanti on the compagno di squadra, the Messian Sergio Perez and the Englishman of the Mercedes George Russell. Giornata nera per la Ferrari che incassa a doppio ritiro: at the 9th lap it was all over Carlos Sainz due to a hydraulic problem at the 21st lap if the Monegasque Charles Leclerc, when he was in command of the race, was also sick, for a nice power unit.

It was 13 years ago (GP Australia 2009) that the team from Maranello did not face a double rite due to problems with the monoposto. Verstappen allunga nella classifica in the world, where he leads with 150 points, ahead of Perez (129) and Leclerc (116).

Fourth post by the other freccia d’argento dell’inglese Englishman Lewis Hamilton who if lascia alle spalle il francese dell’Alpha Tauri Pierre Gasly, the tedesco dell’Aston Martin Sebastian Vettel and the Spagnolo dell’Alpine Fernando Alonso. The top ten will be completed by McLaren owned by Australian Daniel Ricciardo and Englishman Lando Norris and Frenchman Esteban Ocon’s Alpine.

VERSTAPPEN – “I’ve had another step and now I can turn on my cure for pneumonia, a fundamental thing in Baku. I’m glad I passed Sergio Perez for the Leadership and I’m also lucky for the rhythm of the avversari. The machine I shared with oggi was great, avrei I have all the hope to overcome Leclerc”. This parole by Max Verstappen did the victory in the GP. “I’m happy with the balance of the future, we’re also fat to doppietta, who is a beautiful giornata per noi”, adds the Dutch driver of the Red Bull who chiude speaking about the next gara in Canada after sette giorni. “Ogni weekend is diverse dall’altro. Bisogna essere precisi e stare attentive alle piccole cose perché in ogni gara tutto può cambiare”.

PEREZ – “Purtroppo oggi ho perso la possibilità di fermarmi during the virtual safety car at the ninth lap, he was told if he fatto chiaramente sarebbe stata una gara vario e quel sarei estato davanti, ho perso un’occasione” says Sergio Perez commenting on his second Posted in the Baku GP alle spalle del compagno di Squadra Max Verstappen. Ci sono diverse cose che dobbiamo rivedere. Verstappen in the finale di gara. “The chiamata of the team is stata giusta. Max ormai was davanti, bisognava will safeguard the results of the squadra. His questa track tutto può accadere. Alla fine abbiamo fatto doppietta e va bien così”.

RUSSELL – “Oggi is not easy, the machine was difficult to guide because of the warning but I am very happy to be at the third post. Ringrazio tutto il team e ragazzi in fabbrica”. As the driver of the Mercedes George Russell took 3rd place in the GP.

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