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Hailey Bieber would like to clear something up about glazed donut skin. The model and skincare founder, whose line, Rhode, launches today, kicked off one of the biggest beauty trends of the year thanks to an instagram post earlier this year showing her luminous skin. “Skin 🍩🍩 enameled all 2022. Tell a friend,” the caption read.

Although it certainly drew attention to the look, it doesn’t take credit for the (brilliant) name. “I tried to make it clear, I don’t think I made it up [term] or created this slogan in any way, shape or form,” he says. BAZAAR.COM. “I think that’s a known thing in skin care.” Still, she’s fully leaning into the shiny aesthetic with Rhode. “I don’t want to go to bed without looking frosted, and when I think of frosting, I just think of a glazed doughnut. So that’s the goal.”

Now, Bieber is bottling that skincare routine through the long-awaited Rhode (pronounced “rode” and coined after his middle name). With just three products to get you started: Peptide Glazing Fluid, Barrier Restore Cream, and Peptide Lip Treatment, Rhode offers the stripped-down routine the model has always been looking for.

“My spirit behind the brand is that we want to make one of everything,” she says. “A really good moisturizer, a really good hydration serum, a really good lip product.” As you would expect from a supermodel, she compares philosophy to the way she dresses. “I believe in curating your essentials in your closet the same way I believe in curating your essentials in your skincare.”

Vegan and (mostly) fragrance-free products are packed with derm-approved ingredients like peptidesniacinamide and squalane, and they’re “entirely focused on barrier health and hydration,” Bieber explains. “I am someone who travels a lot. I wanted simplicity. But I want [the products] to work very well.”

Photo credit: Gabriela Celeste

Photo credit: Gabriela Celeste

Back to the whole glazed donut thing: the product in question is Peptide Glazing Fluid, a hybrid serum and moisturizer. “In short, we call it The Glaze,” says Bieber, proudly holding up the little gray bottle. “It’s not as thin as a serum and it’s not a moisturizer either. I wanted to do something that felt new, a new texture,” he says, adding that it has been his go-to product morning, noon, and night. “And then at night I apply it with Barrier Restore Cream. I love the two together. I also love how they act as a base for makeup,” he adds.

Completing the trio is the Peptide Lip Treatment, which comes in three varieties: Unscented, Watermelon Slice, and Salted Caramel (a Bieber favorite). And while the other products in the line are fragrance-free, he admits he broke his own rule by adding scent to the lip treatment. “There’s something very nostalgic about scented lip products,” she says.

The range of products may be small, but Bieber says they were developed to be universal. “I really wanted him to feel as inclusive as possible,” he says. “I think the products can work for all skin types. If you have very dry skin, it’s great. It is focused on hydration. But even if you have oily, acne-prone skin, moisturizing is a step you shouldn’t skip.” The minimalist packaging is also designed to feel gender neutral. “I always talk about what the world of Rhode is like and everyone is welcome, and I want everyone to feel included,” she says.

Bieber fans already know that the line has been in the works for a lot of time. Part of the wait was to be able to get information and constructive criticism from estheticians, dermatologists, and even your own friends and family. “I’m the kind of person that, when it comes to developing these products, I’m going to take feedback on the chin and apply it in a good way,” he says, adding, “I mean, sometimes I kick myself, like, I should have thought of that.” But it is ready for what consumers, and the Internet, may have to say. “I want to take consumer feedback and really listen, understand how it was received, and apply it to the brand going forward.”

Photo credit: Gabriela Celeste

Photo credit: Gabriela Celeste

One question you’ll likely face is whether Rhode fills a void in the skincare world, especially when celebrity beauty lines seem to launch almost weekly. But she says, “I don’t believe in oversaturating the market. I don’t believe in posting a million things just to post them.”

Because of that mindset, Bieber hopes the product line will remain select. New releases will happen “every few months, probably.” But don’t limit it to that: “I plan to be extremely transparent with our consumers. If something isn’t ready, I’m not going to take it out. I don’t want to take shortcuts.”

For now, Rhode is available direct-to-consumer, in part so Bieber and his team can get a sense of what resonates with their customers. But you never know what Rhode has ahead, well, down the road. “Eventually, I’d love to see it. [in other retailers]. And then potentially do our own brick and mortar, which would be awesome.”

Rhode is now available online at rhodeskin.com.

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