HoYoverse Releases Genshin Impact Dendro Teaser for Sumeru

The final piece of the puzzle in Genshin ImpactThe item system of is finally starting to be revealed!

In a teaser video released by developer HoYoverse on Saturday (July 9), gamers were able to see how they unfolded. Genshin ImpactThe mysterious seventh element: Dendro.

Dendro has always been shrouded in mystery, being the only item yet to be released in the two years the game has been running.

But after that cheeky tease from Sumeru at the end of the 2.8 preview live stream, the excitement in the Genshin Impact Community has never been higher, and we’ve been waiting (eagerly) for more crumbs on Dendro and its home region of Sumeru.

In the trailer, the developers shared more about the mechanics of the Dendro item and how they conceptualized its reactions and synergies with the other items in the game.

We also take a quick look at some of the enemies we may face in Sumeru, such as the region’s own bandit mobs (similar to the Treasure Hoarders), floating mushroom-like creatures, and the world boss Electro Regisvine. .

Designed with the intention of being more systematic, Dendro has unique interactions with each element that are inspired by the real world.

As combat designer Aquaria says in the video, the team “hoped to design a system with a higher degree of synergy,” aiming for “one that was more interconnected and easier to understand.”

Aquaria further expanded on the core philosophies behind Dendro’s design, which are “catalysis, wisdom, and life.”

Genshin Impact’s mysterious seventh element, Dendro, will take center stage in the game’s fourth region, Sumeru. The introduction of Dendro will bring with it new elemental reactions, including Bloom and Catalyze. (Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse)

These three aspects are integral to how the item works with regards to its reactions, Sumeru’s level design and environmental mechanics having a very strong connection to each other.

As such, new reactions from Dendro and other Sumeru-specific games will be added to the game once version 3.0 is released.

Here’s what’s been revealed so far:

To flourish

This elemental reaction, according to Aquaria, was inspired by the real-life phenomenon of flowers blooming.

By synergizing the recovery aspect of Hydro (i.e. healing) and the Catalysis aspect (i.e. the speed at which a substance influences a reaction) of Dendro, we can assume that this reaction will allow us to develop a catalyst for other elemental reactions.

In the video we can see a seed-like object grow after a Hydro attack reacts with a Dendro slime.


A completely original effect, Catalyze synergizes the energy aspect of Electro and the wisdom aspect of Dendro. According to the developers, this reaction also has a deep connection to the local history of Sumeru.

Not much is revealed about Catalyze’s mechanic in the teaser video, though it does appear to increase elemental damage somewhat.

Enthusiastic players would also have noticed that Bloom and Catalyze can further interact with other items to generate even more reactions.

For example, applying Pyro to Bloom’s reaction will create an explosion while applying Electro to Bloom creates a projectile that targets nearby enemies.

Area Specific Play

Dendro's enemies and mechanisms will enter different states when certain items are applied to them.  In the trailer, an Electro attack from Lisa causes the Dendro monster to glow with energy, while a Pyro attack from Yanfei causes the creature to shrivel up and appear burned.  (Screenshots courtesy of HoYoverse)

Dendro’s enemies and mechanisms will enter different states when certain items are applied to them. In the trailer, an Electro attack from Lisa causes the Dendro monster to glow with energy, while a Pyro attack from Yanfei causes the creature to shrivel up and appear burned. (Screenshots courtesy of HoYoverse)

Using the central Dendro aspect as a reactive element, the Sumeru map proliferates with area-specific gameplay based on the three main reactions of said element. Burn, bloom and catalyze.

Some targets that have Dendro characteristics react differently when hit by Hydro, Electro, or Pyro.

Using a different item can give you different states of the target, which can then be used for certain functions.

In the trailer, you can see a large mushroom that gets hit by an electric attack and is then used as a kind of trampoline.

From that, we’re guessing that environmental objects can react with elements to help a lot with exploration.

This type of reactive gameplay is also built into the ecology of the monsters that can be found in Sumeru.

Depending on what area you are in and what item is used, the monsters will react differently, switching between different states that can get materials and special rare items.

While the HoYoverse had a lot to show in Dendro’s trailer, there’s still a lot about the new item that has yet to be officially revealed.

We will have to wait until version 3.0 arrives (or HoYoverse to release another trailer) before we can know everything about Dendro and his reactions.

Dendro is just one of many additions coming to Genshin Impact version 3.0. The new item will also launch alongside a new region, Sumeru, where new landscapes, characters, dangers, and adventures await the Traveler.

Genshin Impact it is currently at version 2.7, which will be available until July 12.

The next version 2.8 will be released on July 13. If version 2.8 has the same duration of 40 days as all other versions, then Genshin Impact version 3.0 should be out on August 22.

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