I’m a tech writer: These are the Prime Day deals you should be aware of this year

From automatic vacuums to fitness bands, our tech writer predicts some bargains in the mix (iStock/The Independent)

Hello. I’m a tech writer, and like all tech writers, I spend most of my time lying on my back making snow angels out of piles of high-end consumer electronics, like the woman in the American Beauty poster, except with old MP3 players and HDMI cables instead of rose petals.

As a tech writer, I’ve also developed a keen sense of good deals and when they might show up. Given how expensive newer technology is, it’s especially important that you feel confident that you’re paying a reasonable price for your new toys and that what you’re buying will outlast the time it takes to update the firmware.

Ahead of Prime Day on July 12 and 13, our excellent team of experts from across IndyBest have already started compiling Amazon Prime Day shopping guides on everything from appliances and TVs to Apple products and Amazon devices. We’ve been covering Amazon Prime Day for years, we know all the tricks. Have mercy on us.

For new Prime Day deals in the run-up to the sales event, you can check out our full guide to shopping for tech on Prime Day, but in this article I’m going to do something a little different. I’m sharing some of my personal recommendations and predictions about the gadgets and tech you could see on sale this summer.

These are all products I’ve tried, already own, or plan to buy for myself if they show up at the Prime Day fun. Feel free to add them to your wish list, as long as you whisper the words “thank you Steve” as you do so.

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Echo show 5 (2nd gen): Was £74.99, now £44.99, Amazon.co.uk



The second-generation Amazon Echo show 5 is confirmed at a discount this Amazon Prime Day, when Amazon says there will be “up to 60 per cent” off its own range of smart home speakers and displays. That includes this guy, as well as the Echo dot speakers, the Fire TV cube, which I’ve featured in our roundup of the best streaming devices, Blink cameras, Ring home security cameras, and the Fire 7 kids pro tablet.

If you’re feeling impatient and can’t wait for the sale to start, there’s already £30 off the Echo Show 5 right now. The smart display acts as a kind of spaceship command console for your entire home, enabling video calls with friends and family, reminders for forgetful housemates, voice-activated music playback, hands-free cooking tips, smart light bulb controls The plot.

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iRobot Roomba j7+: £899.99, Amazon.co.uk

    (I robot)

(I robot)

Roomba is to the robot vacuum what Hoover was to the regular vacuum, a brand name so successful it became shorthand for the entire product category (see also: tannoy, hot tub, jet ski, and frisbee). As well as being synonymous with the best robotic vacuums, Roomba continues to lead the charge when it comes to designing and improving these automated helpers that are all about swarming and tidying up your home.

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The latest model in the j7 range introduces features that make a big difference to wandering vacuum performance. Namely, a feature I’ve been waiting for ever since I started using a Neato botvac D7 (£549.53, Amazon.co.uk): the ability to detect and avoid shoes. Robotic vacuum cleaners seem to deliberately seek out dangling cords, as if they were a forbidden treat for robots. On many occasions I have come home to find my little friend throbbing in a corner, all tied up and panicking in my Reeboks.

Well, no more, the iRobot Roomba j7+ promises. This guy will dodge shoelaces, avoid charging cables, and even stay away from dog poop, which older models would gleefully spread all over your floors like the most pathetic robot lift.

Robotic vacuums cleaned up on Prime Day last year, so hopefully we’ll see more discounts on Roomba and other brands.

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Sony WH-1000XM4: £276.79, Amazon.co.uk



When it comes to predicting Amazon Prime Day tech deals, this is an easy win. Sony’s noise-cancelling headphones are among the best wireless headphones you can buy, but they’ve recently been replaced by a newer model, the WH-1000XM5.

Read more: Where to buy the Sony WH-1000XM5

This alone is enough to suggest that older headphones could show up in Prime Day sales, but Sony has also started offering a free pair of WH-1000XM4s with every new Sony Xperia 1 IV smartphone pre-ordered. When Google offered a similar deal on the Bose NC 700 (£259, Amazon.co.uk) and the Pixel 6, it created a second-hand Bose headphone deal that cut prices from £349 to £249.

Could we see the same thing happen with Sony’s excellent cans? I’m so sure we will, that I promise never to use the word “cans” again as a synonym for “headphones” if I turn out to be wrong.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: £249, Amazon.co.uk



This smartwatch is ticking on my wrist right now. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a powerful and stylish wearable that pairs seamlessly with Android phones. Until Google launches its own long-awaited Pixel Watch later this year, Samsung’s watch remains the wearable device of choice for workout and body composition tracking, daily health tracking, and sleep tracking.

The arrival of the Pixel watch is one of the main reasons why you should look for a deal on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 on Prime Day this year. Google’s Fitbit-powered Android watch will be Samsung’s biggest competitor at launches.

Read the full Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review

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LG C1 4K OLED TV: £1,199, Amazon.co.uk



The price of every tech writer’s favorite TV is in freefall right now. As I write, the 55-inch LG C1 (£1,199, Amazon.co.uk) is £500 off at Amazon. A vivid 4K set with Dolby Vision HDR and rich ink contrast, it has a 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time making it the set of choice for gaming and entertainment. This is the kit I recommend whenever someone asks me which TV they should buy, and while I haven’t had any complaints so far, the premium screen has always hovered around the pricier end of the market.

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However, the inevitable forward march of progress, plus the introduction of the 2022 model, the LG C2 (£1,665, Amazon.co.uk), has pushed this brilliant OLED screen ever closer to eventual obsolescence. The LG C1 is far from over the hill though, finally striking a balance between excellent quality and great value.

Will Amazon Prime Day see the LG C1 drop much lower than this? I don’t think so, but keep in mind today’s price when the sales start. TV prices fluctuate wildly in the run-up to Prime Day, and often what seems like a big discount is just an old repeat sale. In our guide to Amazon Prime Day TV deals, you’ll find exactly this kind of great information and more.

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Fitbit charge 5: £113.90, Amazon.co.uk



Always popular on Prime Day, this iconic Fitbit fitness tracker will almost certainly sail into a handsome discount in Amazon’s two-day sale. Last year we saw the price of the Fitbit charge 4 (featured on our list of the best fitness trackers) drop by as much as 33 per cent.

With seven days of battery life, automatic workout tracking, and swim- and sweat-proof water resistance, the wearable is designed to see you through even the most strenuous workouts. But all-day features like 24-hour heart rate monitoring, stress monitoring, and sleep scoring make this a watch you’ll want to wear outside the gym, too.

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Microsoft Surface pro 8: £849, Amazon.co.uk



The Surface pro 8 is a great Windows tablet-laptop hybrid and, if you forced me to pick just one, my favorite Windows 11 device on the market. If you regularly work on a shared desk, work hybrid, or travel long distances to and from the office, this guy is your ideal co-worker.

It runs the full version of the Windows operating system, so unlike an iPad or Android tablet, you don’t have to worry about whether your favorite software or tools will be compatible; if it works on your desktop PC, it will work here. .

As a tablet, it is a quick and fast way to surf the web, chat online and watch videos. Attach the Keyboard Cover Accessory (sold separately, but it’s essential if you want to get the most out of your Surface Pro 8) and it becomes a productivity powerhouse that could comfortably replace your current laptop.

Last year’s Amazon Prime Day saw a 25 per cent discount on the previous model, the Surface pro 7 (£634, Amazon.co.uk). This year’s sale should see some new offerings in the latest version.

Read the full Microsoft Surface pro 8 review

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