Isamaya Ffrench debuts her eponymous beauty line exclusively for ES


Isamaya Ffrench, one of the world’s most celebrated makeup artists, has spent the last decade, of which she was in her twenties for more than half, collaborating with a wide and varied range of the best in the fashion industry (and the music), from Steven Klein to Sølve Sundsbø, Mert and Marcus, Madonna, Cher and Rihanna.

Credited with creating some of the most stunning beauty looks in modern history, Ffrench has been resolute in her ambition to challenge the status quo, championing self-expression with her often subversive and always directional makeup design.

The embodiment of these values, his namesake collection called Isamaya, launches in late June after a two-year development shrouded in secrecy. With a schedule comparable to that of a fashion brand, the genderless, boundary-pushing brand will release a few drops a year, all limited edition and each existing in its own visual world.

The first collection of its kind, ‘Industrial’, draws its inspiration from underground Berlin; avant-garde techno, latex against cement, cold metal piercings and black leather. “I want to pay homage to subcultures excluded from mainstream media and cater to an audience that loves great products as much as unique packaging,” Ffrench tells us.

A 14-part eyeshadow palette is packed with multi-textured metallic, pearl, putty and shimmer finishes clearly selected with experimentation in mind. There’s a tinted Rubberlash mascara that stretches, curls and stimulates lash growth, a glass-effect skin serum and a high-gloss brow laminator, while a berry lip treatment deepens and enhances the tone. of the mouth that uses it.

“It’s important to me not to pretend to have some kind of beauty ideal for clients to replicate,” explains Ffrench. ‘I want to give people the tools to discover what that ideal means for themselves. We are not linear beings. In one word, [I want people] rediscover who they are and take pride and trust in it. Being yourself is the only truth.

Isamaya launches at the end of June. Visit the Isamaya Pop-up, July 1-3, 15 Bateman Street, W1 (

Isamaya Industrial Color Pigment Eyeshadow Palette, £95; Industrial earrings 3, €100 (


“This triple weight hyaluronic serum is the key to glowing, flawless skin,” says Isamaya Ffrench. ‘Use it as a base or as a highlighter. Alternatively, do as I did here and mix it with your day cream or foundation to give the entire face a crystal finish.

Isamaya Industrial Skinlacq Triple Hyaluronic Glow Serum, £60 (


“Designed to deliver the most intense color, curl and length, my mascara is highly textured and pigmented so you can layer, but it also contains hair growth ingredients so a single layer will act as a great primer.” skincare preparation into your routine.

Isamaya Industrial Rubberlash Latex Lift Mascara, £35 (


‘With lip-plumping botanicals like ginger root, cayenne pepper and coffee to stimulate microcirculation, my lip serum provides an instant plumping effect, while its veil of dark berries intensifies the natural color of mouth. Layer it until you’re happy with the color.

Isamaya Industrial Liplacq Maximizing Lip Serum, £32 (


‘No matter how you like to style and shape your brows, you want them to stay in place, which is where my long wear gel comes in. Make the most of the fine tooth comb to coat hairs well and use your flat back brush to press them down for a laminated effect that lasts all day and night.’

Isamaya Industrial Browlacq Brow Laminator, £30 (

Photographs by AIDAN ZAMIRI

Makeup: Isamaya Ffrench in Streeters using Isamaya. Make-up assistant: Tash Sultana. Hair: Claire Moore using Olaplex. Manicurist: Kelly Shenton. Executive producer: Tom Burns. Producer: Smera Kumar. Photography assistant: Joshua Hippolyte. Digital operation: Connor Egan





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