Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Respond to Amber Heard’s Mistrial Request

Johnny Depp has responded to Amber Heard’s attempt to vacate the verdict and $10.35 million sentence from his libel trial. In Monday’s filing obtained by Yahoo Entertainment, Depp’s legal team states that “the verdict was well supported by the overwhelming evidence, according to law, and should not be overturned.”

Heard’s attorneys laid out multiple reasons why the verdict should be thrown out, including a jury discrepancy. 15 They say the 52-year-old, who shares the same last name as his father and lives in the same house, wrongly informed court when his older father was summoned. Heard’s attorneys are asking for a mistrial. They also argue that the trial is “inconsistent and irreconcilable” with the jury concluding that each star defamed the other. The jury sided with Depp in all three of his libel claims against Heard and ruled in favor of one of his counterclaims.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp file motions to duel for libel verdict. (Photo/s: Getty Images)

Depp’s team rejects Heard’s “frivolous” arguments and claims that the actress’s team was aware of the jury discrepancy before the trial.

“After a six-week jury trial, a jury made up of Ms. Heard’s colleagues returned a verdict against her on virtually every count. While understandably upset with the outcome of the trial, Ms. Heard has not identified any legitimate basis to set aside the jury’s decision in any respect. Virginia law is clear that a verdict should not be set aside unless it is ‘clearly incorrect or without supporting evidence,'” attorneys for Depp.

Legal experts appear to side with Depp.

“Virginia law does not support Amber’s claim that she was denied due process because of the issue with juror 15. Her team had an opportunity to question the juror or raise this issue with the judge at that time. Heard’s team accepted this jury panel with the information they had at the time and no new information has come to light since then. They had the list of jurors who identified the jury information and date of birth. This motion is an understanding, not a real possibility,” legal analyst Emily D. Baker tells Yahoo Entertainment.

Attorney Rachel Fiset, managing partner of Zweiback, Fiset & Coleman, agrees assuming nothing more is known about the jury.

“Heard’s claims that the juror presented himself improperly to the jury, without further ado, are unlikely to provide the basis for a new trial,” he tells Yahoo. “However, if the facts confirm that the wrong jury was also withholding other evidence that influenced the verdict in this case, she may have a chance at a new trial.”

Heard’s motions are to be expected and the verdict is unlikely to be overturned.

“Trial judges typically don’t alter jury verdicts without evidence that a trial error occurred and that error changed the outcome of the trial,” says libel attorney Jeff Lewis. “Heard has also argued that the verdict was legally inconsistent and should be overturned because the jury granted some relief to both sides. But as Depp pointed out, the heart of the case: if Depp ever abused Heard, the jury has completely settled it.” . in favor of Depp. The jury’s verdict against Depp did not relate to that central issue but to a secondary issue: whether Depp’s lawyer falsely stated that Heard tampered with the crime scene and falsified evidence. Depp argues that the jury’s findings are reconcilable and there is no basis to overturn the verdict.”

Adds Lewis: “These kinds of post-trial motions are commonly filed as a prelude to an appeal, but in practice they are rarely granted. These motions are likely to be denied, but they are a good indication of the kinds of arguments that Heard will repeat for the appeals court.”

Heard’s attorney has previously said his client cannot pay the millions he owes Depp. the aquaman 2 The actress reportedly turned down one last chance to settle and will likely appeal if her motions for a mistrial are denied.

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