Know the only goalkeeper of the four national divisions that still hasn’t scored a goal

*Arquivo* SÃO PAULO, SP, 07.05.2022 – Alex Alves, from São Bernardo, accumulates at or beginning of July 1,175 minutes, 12 games or 107 days without scoring. (Photo: Adriano Vizoni/Folhapress)

SANTOS, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Goalkeeper Alex Alves, 35, sniffs curiously at the arches at each new game of São Bernardo in Series D of the Brazilian Championship.

In the last of these, in a 1-0 victory against Santo André, a local rival, it was possible to still not cause the Ramalhão torcedores or provoke each kicked ball into a goal by the goalkeeper’s coach.

“É hoje, hein? Hoje a tua sorte finishes”, we shouted.

Being great fame and being distant from the largest teams in the country, he is directly responsible for the time of ABC São Paulo to hold a considerable record here: the only one that still does not score goals among all the 124 that make up the four national divisions –as series A, B, C and D.

Counting, já são 1,175 minutes, 12 games or 107 days without seeing the ball enter the net. E até pênalti ele defendeu no period.

“Of course I never planned something like that. I prefer to understand that only the unexplained plans of Deus are due to so many things that we’ve been through,” he completes.

Alex had as main references Marcos, Rogério Ceni and Dida, but his career had less connection with the fame of two idols and more with the reality of two country athletes.

“My life was always very difficult. I never received anything, I only managed to keep the minhas counted, without stability. Everything was always very counted,” he says.

A construção da nova fame cameçou, curiously, logo depois de uma goleada. Holder of the São Bernardo campaign in the last São Paulo Championship, the team qualified for the quarterfinals, but ended up eliminated by São Paulo by 4 to 1, not Morumbi, on March 22 of this year.

“I prove that I suffer goals,” he jumps. “O great merit we have maintained on the basis of the team, all of us have defended ourselves and are very helpful in the Series D”.

“I think it’s easier because it’s Series D, I don’t know what it says. I played all the divisions and I know it’s one of the most complicated ones. The games are very disputed, a lot of balls don’t score,” accrecent.

No period, the invincibility was sustained with some miracles. He defended a penalty against West, in the 4th round, and saw Cianorte shoot for a penalty in the final minutes of the game last day 19.

“I heard someone yelling: ‘Gee, it’s very difficult with that face,'” he says.

Diante do Paraná, or miracle worker was another. Após Alex said he was wrong in a crossing, a ball was saved from the head by the back Island, at the top of the line.


The goalkeeper who does not suffer goals is one of two many walkers of the sport. Alex accumulates tickets for 17 teams in the country and has never been effectively spaced in Série A, after having played for Red Bull Bragantino between 2017 and 2020.

The chegou ao club indicated the coach Marcelo Veiga and was one of two protagonists in the conquest of Série C that year, but ended up losing space with the purchase of the club by Red Bull.

“When they bought, there were two of them who stayed. I lost space after a while, but I got my first apartment,” he explains.

Alex conta ter started no futebol quase sem planar. Sem classroom na escola in which he studied in Araçatuba (518 km from SP), in 2002, he decided to say to run in the municipal stadium. When he called, he saw that the professional team of the city was training and asked for an opportunity.

Professionally trained by the clube do interior paulista, I started in 2007 looking for the dream of being able to play effectively.

He passed through Sertãozinho, Atlético-GO and Santa Cruz-RS until he reached Mogi Mirim, in 2010, where he reached the first major sequence of his career. He would return to the club between 2012 and 2014 and would still pass by other teams in the country.

“I surrounded a lot of the difficulties that our own clubs presented. When you join a structured club, what do you want to say? It’s like this here in São Bernardo, I have proposals, but I want the work structure to be serious,” he says.

Or soccer for the record goalkeeper who needed to be interrupted early, in 2016, at the age of 30 – the city considers it still low for a goalkeeper.

Rebaixado like XV of Piracicaba for a last state division, ficou three months unemployable. Without more financial reserves, a wife Mariana Alves needs to work in a call center, with a salary of R$ 1,200, to support the costs of the house.

“I was a cousin of making an electrical installation at home and told her to work in the call center. Months after she got pregnant, I was able to resume my career,” he says.

A career that accredited that he was finally booked was recommended by Grêmio Prudente, where he was hired, receiving R$ 2,500 to play the last games of the fourth division of São Paulo.

“For isso tenho os meus pés bem fincados no chão. Muitas coisas passam e un hora esse remembere, e até o futebol, também passará”, he says. Até lá, contudo, he will be or alvo to be beaten.

In Série D, the times that are closest to São o Retrô-PE and América-RN, with five goals suffered each. Já na elite o Palmeiras é or time that I suffered fewer goals: 12 in 15 rounds played.

In the Premier League, the highest record made by the Dutchman Edwin van der Sar, which lasted 1,311 minutes, was beaten by the hair of Manchester United between 2008 and 2009. Another record that could be broken by this logo.

Ceni ficou 988 minutes without scoring goals in Série A in 2007, for São Paulo. A sequence between August 2 and September 16 was only interrupted by the goal of Rodrigo Tabata, then not Santos.

Alex’s next challenge will be against Paraná, this Saturday (9), at the Primeiro de Maio Stadium, in São Bernardo. Hair less tied up, he still will be an unbeatable goalkeeper.

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