Stuart Broad admits the worst in Test cricket

Stuart Broad admits the worst in Test cricket – PA

It was an ending that will likely haunt Stuart Broad for the rest of his career and beyond. Minutes after taking his 550th test wicket (only James Anderson and Glenn McGrath have taken more among seam bowlers), Broad earned the ignominy of officially bowling as the worst in the history of seam bowling. Test.

While three bowlers, including Anderson, previously topped the list having conceded 28 in one over, Broad gave up 35 runs in an eight-ball over against India’s No.10 batsman Jasprit Bumrah.

Not only did Bumrah’s career tally of 29 break the previous record on its own, but Broad gave up another six runs in extras, extending his embarrassment by forcing him to throw two extra balls. Here, Telegraph Sport breaks down the over from hell:

Incredibly, it means that Broad now holds the same unwanted record in two of the game’s three international forms, having been hit by six sixes by Yuvraj Singh in a record 36 runs at the 2007 World T20. Only the ODI record, which also found in 36 races, now eludes him.

Broad's numbers light up on the scoreboard - GETTY IMAGES

Broad’s numbers light up on the scoreboard – GETTY IMAGES

Ball one – four runs

Looking for quick runs to bolster India’s total at the start of day two, India captain Jasprit Bumrah knocks down a Stuart Broad hook. The ball flies in Zak Crawley’s direction on the thin leg, but he lands inches in front of his desperate pinning of it and ricochets through his hands onto the bounding rope.

Ball two – five wide

Persisting with his short ball tactics, Broad hits the ball in the middle of the court, only to see it go over the heads of Bumrah and goalkeeper Sam Billings on its way to the edge.

Ball three – seven without balls

Another short pass from Broad and another hoick from Bumrah who takes the top edge, who this time flies all the way over Jack Leach’s line fine on the third man. To make matters worse, the umpire points out that Broad crossed the line, meaning he only threw a legal delivery and gave up 16 runs.

Ball four – four runs

A change of focus from Broad, who tries to throw to a yorker but overcompensates and delivers a horrible complete pitch, which Bumrah hits midway for four more. Replays show that Broad was lucky not to be penalized for another no-ball at loft.

Five ball – four runs

Finally, Broad produces a decent delivery at a good length, but fortune is with the Indians as Bumrah hits hard and gets a thick inside edge for four through the thin leg.

Six ball – four runs

Why stop now? Bumrah, now seeing the ball better than ever, swings so hard that he goes flying and ends up in a heap. But his connection is as sweet as any of his previous shots, ensuring the ball flies for a square-leg four of a bounce.

Ball seven – six runs

The delivery that officially brought the most expensive over in the history of Test. Broad goes back to his short ball tactics, Bumrah’s eyes light up and the result is a huge six over the deep square leg.

Eight ball – one run

A comic end to one of the most remarkable overs in cricket history. Broad lands his yorker, Bumrah, looking to hold the strike for the next over, returns the ball to him and dives in for a quick single. Broad picks up the ball and splashes all three stumps, but Mohammed Siraj, diving in, breaks through by inches.

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