The best luggage scales to help you choose the right suitcase at home


Have you ever had that awkward moment at the airport where you’ve packed too much and your baggage weight is over the allowance?

You have to open your suitcase and reorganize: shuffle things into other bags, wear your sun hats, and put on several layers of clothing to lighten the load. All to save on paying silly airline extra charges. Complying with luggage restrictions is difficult.

With your own luggage scales, you’ll never waste time or money again. Check the weight of your luggage before arriving at the airport and save costs, hours and that dreaded embarrassment. There are many to choose from and they will make a great travel companion throughout your travels as they are easy to fit in your bag so you can control the weight of your luggage from start to finish.

What to look for when choosing your luggage scales?

  • Light and compact: You will be surprised that even very small pocket scales can measure a large amount of weight. Opt for a small, compact design that’s portable and always has a point of reference, wherever you go.

  • Clear screen: An easy-to-read display is crucial: a clear number displayed in an eye-catching color will save you from repeating the process multiple times.

  • Maximum weight: Check out how much weight the scales can handle – many have the capacity to hold up to 50kg and some even have alarms to let you know when it’s too heavy for the scale to measure.

What is the baggage allowance to fly?

Different airlines vary when it comes to baggage allowance and it depends on what you have included in your ticket. Is it possible that I have paid for extra baggage in the hold? Check the guidelines before you fly so you know what figures you’re dealing with. Here are a couple of airlines to check out:

  • EasyJet: 15kg for hand luggage, 23kg for hold, but you can purchase extra weight in units of 3kg, up to a maximum of 32kg per bag.

  • British Airways: 23kg hold or extra charges for ‘heavy’ bags

  • Ryanair – 10 kg carry-on, 2 kg hold

  • Virgin Atlantic – 23kg hold

  • Wizz Air: 10kg handheld, up to 32kg holding

Now read our selection of the best luggage scales to help you find the right one…

Go Travel Digital Luggage Scale

‘Weigh it, don’t pay it’ with Go Travel’s scales: check the weight of your luggage before the flight to avoid any surcharge from the airline. A small and practical device that can weigh suitcases up to 40 kg, put it in the bag and always control the baggage allowance.

The bright LCD screen will flash three times to confirm the weight, with the result remaining on the screen for five seconds and automatically turning off after 90 seconds to extend battery life.

Buy Now £9.99, John Lewis

Samsonite Global Manual Luggage Scale

Hang your bag from the hook on this retro-looking scale and get an accurate reading of your luggage weight. Easy to use and without the need for batteries, it can record up to 32kg, saving you time and excessive costs. Take it with you, it’s nice and light and you’ll never be forced to shell out extra money.

Buy Now £11.00, Amazon

Digital Luggage Scale Technicals

Fit with an adjustable strap, clip to your suitcase and check the weight on the digital display. Easy to use and compact and lightweight to pack, always travel with the Technicals Digital Luggage Scale on hand and avoid being overcharged at the check-in counter.

Buy Now £10.00, Blacks

Luggage scale Beurer LS20 Eco

Who knew that such a small scale of 94g could weigh up to 50kg? Not only is this luggage scale from Beurer super nifty and compact, it’s also an eco-friendly option that uses dynamo power: no batteries needed and it’s rechargeable. Read the figure on the transparent LED display and enjoy your vacation stress-free and hassle-free.

Buy Now £26.99, Lakeland

Boots Digital Scales

Pick up your luggage with these palm-sized scales and wait for the screen to flash three times to confirm your luggage weight, as simple as that. It will turn off after two minutes to save battery life, so take it with you and it will last you the whole trip. No need to repack at airports. It also has the added feature to measure the current ambient temperature of your location.

Shop Now £15.00, Boots

Forclaz Electronic Luggage Scales

Super easy to operate and with accurate results, this handy scale from Forclaz is essential for weighing your suitcases and bags. Just put it in your bag once you use it (it only weighs 80g) and never be surprised again.

Buy now €11.99, Decathlon

Mountain Warehouse Digital Travel Scales

Simplicity is key when traveling and these scales do not disappoint. With no fuss or frills, attach your bag to the sturdy hook and get reliable weight readings. You can carry up to 50kg (an alarm will sound when that’s reached), so pack your bags and save time (and embarrassment) at check-in.

Shop Now £9.99, Mountain Warehouse

Freetoo luggage scales

A top-rated, well-priced Amazon product, choose from red, black, or silver, and be armed with a highly accurate luggage scale throughout your journey. The pocket size makes it super portable yet it has a weight capacity of up to 50kg and can offer an easy to read display with four different weight units.

Buy Now £13.99, Amazon

Salter Soft Touch Black Luggage Scale

Weigh your bags before you travel and avoid excess baggage fees with Salter’s easy-to-use scale. Simply clip it onto your luggage strap and pick it up – the design is sturdy and strong with a soft-touch handle to grip. A super useful and high quality product.

Shop Now £15.00, Argos

Kangol Digital Scales

Make it your travel companion: a beautiful and compact design at a very affordable price. There are no unnecessary surcharges thanks to these scales: simply weigh it before you check in and save time at the airport.

Buy Now £2.99, Sports Direct

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