The best piercing aftercare products that help cleanse and soothe

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Piercings are popular. Whether it’s on your ears, nose, septum, or belly button, it’s always fun to add a little glitz and glam to your body.

It is important to take care of your piercings to allow for a quick and healthy recovery from and around the small holes made. Different people will react differently after piercings – listen to your body and follow care instructions to keep your skin clean and reduce the risk of infection or any unnecessary and unpleasant complications.

There are many solutions on the market to invest in and make part of your recovery regimen, from saline solutions to fragrance-free antibacterial sprays. Its objective is to eliminate the perforation, eliminating blood and dead cells, bacteria or dirt, and calming irritations.

How to clean your piercing?

  1. Wash your hands well before touching the piercing area.

  2. Use the solution as directed.

  3. Rinse the area afterwards.

  4. Gently pat dry with a clean tissue/towel.

Don’ts when it comes to aftercare

  • Do not clean too much, this will further irritate the area.

  • Don’t touch unless absolutely necessary.

  • Do not expose it to open water, eg swimming pools, hot tubs, rivers; you want to avoid any chance of bacteria getting in.

  • Do not use any beauty products on or around the joint (for example, lotions and sprays).

What to expect from a recent piercing?

Symptoms may include; light bleeding and redness, mild pain/tenderness, mild swelling or bruising, a yellowish-white fluid discharge from the area. Earrings/jewelry may also have a slight crust.

How long does it take to heal a piercing?

The healing process differs from person to person, and also depending on the type of piercing and where it is on the body. The most common piercing, the earlobe, usually takes six to eight weeks to heal, while the upper ear cartilage can take three to six months. It can take a couple of months for the septum, six to nine months for the nostril, six to six months for the nipple, and eight months to a year for the navel to fully heal.

What are the complications of piercings?

Don’t panic: if you take care of your piercings correctly, you should avoid serious complications. These could include allergic reactions (either to the jewelry or products used during aftercare) or infections – this will get very red, sore and sore and you may need to see a doctor for antibiotics to cure it.

See our pick for the best piercing aftercare to keep your piercings sparkling…

Easypiercing Antibacterial Body Piercing Aftercare

An Amazon’s Choice product, highly rated, well-priced, and ready to ship immediately, this is an excellent healing and aftercare treatment for all body piercings.

Simply apply pressure to the diffuser to release the required amount of antibacterial solution needed for each application and watch it work quickly and efficiently for days to come. It leaves an antibacterial film on the skin, working to remove lymphatic secretions and reduce inflammation.

Buy now £7.61, Amazon

Astrid & Miyu Piercing Aftercare Solution

The jewelry brand Astrid & Miyu has created a fantastic dermatologically tested spray to clean and care for your piercings. The solution contains effective antimicrobial properties with a neutral pH for the skin and is suitable for vegans, free of fragrances, colors and cruelty. Apply two to three times a day for maximum protection against irritation and to soothe any pain or redness.

Buy now £12.00, Astrid & Miyu

Piercing Mania Piercing Care Package

This after-piercing care pack has you covered, containing three products to effectively hit all the bases. The set includes a salt spray with tea tree oil to cleanse the area and prevent infection; a wonderful oil to keep the skin around the area silky smooth and smelling lovely, and a penetrating balm to give a deep treatment while you sleep.

Buy Now £12.99, Piercing Mania

The Aftercare Company BPA Free Piercing Aftercare Formula

Suitable for all skin types and exterior piercings, this 100% natural solution is considered a miracle healing option. Not only is it super versatile, it gently nourishes the piercing area with active natural plant ingredients and extra vitamin E to enrich the skin and lubricate it to keep it clean. It is easily absorbed, contains no parabens and does not mark skin or jewelry.

Buy Now £4.40, Amazon

Rennelyn Piercing Aftercare Spray

Mist Rennelyn’s Refreshing Mist over affected area two to three times daily for optimal results. The formula is suitable for ear, nose, tongue and navel piercings. The high-quality ingredients will promote healing, quickly treating any red, angry swelling or bumps while they cleanse and soothe, without the stinging.

Buy Now £8.47, Amazon

TattooMed Post-Piercing Spray

Designed for regular use, add this after-piercing spray to your cosmetic routine to maintain healthy skin where you’ve been pierced. It has antibacterial cleansing properties and is dermatologically tested, so watch your piercing stay clean and pain-free – you’ll notice and feel the difference after just a few days. The spray is multifunctional and can also be used to clean your jewelry once the new holes have healed.

Buy Now £8.99, Amazon

NeilMed Neilcleanse Piercing Aftercare Fine Mist Wound Wash

This sterile saline solution is a savior when it comes to treating your piercings. No preservatives and no drugs, there is no burning or stinging sensation when applied; instead, the wound wash will nourish your skin while gently disinfecting it, keeping infections away and letting your jewelry shine on you.

Buy now £12.34, Amazon

Claire’s aftercare lotion

Claire’s has been around since 1978 and is the place where many babies from the 90s and 2000s got their first piercings. It is the brand’s aftercare lotion, formulated by the best specialists and tested by dermatologists and paediatricians. This bottle should last up to eight weeks to aid your recovery and is suitable for ear, nose and body piercings. Apply to keep your wounds hygienic and free of bacteria.

Buy Now £6.00, Amazon

Spray Prontolind

Another popular choice on Amazon, this German-made aftercare product encourages a quick healing process with just a couple of sprays a day. Treat sensitive areas with PHMB Complex to provide optimal antimicrobial protection. The formula is alcohol and phenol free and is also 100% vegan. The piercings will be left at the tip and should not sting when applied.

Buy Now £6.25, Amazon

Briotech Topical Skin Spray

A pricier option, this skin spray is worth splurging on for quick results. In addition to providing world-class piercing aftercare, soothing and relieving pain and redness, the natural cleanser also reduces scarring and wrinkles. Clean the area of ​​application and spray the solution, which is also organic and environmentally friendly.

Buy Now £50.21, Amazon

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