The ‘Establishment’ has failed to find a cure for dementia

Former motoring hero Sir Jackie Stewart has said the system has “failed” to find a treatment for dementia and he is pinning his hopes on young people to find a cure.

Speaking to the PA news agency in Edinburgh on Wednesday, Sir Jackie said he is determined to find a cure for the illness his wife, Lady Helen Stewart, was diagnosed with in 2014.

“Dementia is a horrible disease,” he said.

“For 50 years, there has been no cure for dementia. Now I want to change that in my life if possible, and that’s asking a lot.”

He believes that young people will be the ones to find the cure because “the establishment has failed” and is excited about the work being done by doctoral students sponsored by his charity.

And he added: “We believe that it is the youth that is going to do it because the system has failed.

“So it has to be young people who look at it in a different way, from a different angle, and find a cure and with the support that we have, financially, we can spend more money on getting equipment that wasn’t available before. . So that’s part of the need to do events like the race against dementia.”

The three-time Formula 1 world champion is in Scotland for the Sir Jack Stewart Classic which takes place at Thirlestane Castle in Lauder, Scottish Borders on June 18-19.

The event will raise money for Sir Jackie’s Race Against Dementia charity, which was set up in 2018.

He said: “I have my Formula One car, the Matra was a French car and then two Ford cars that are there as well.

“They are on display. Looks great. The weather is apparently going to be nice too. Which is always the case in Scotland anyway.

Sir Jackie and Lady Helen Stewart (Ian West/PA)

He will be joined by Lady Helen, his wife of 60 years, who acted as his timekeeper when he ran professionally. She said that she was one of the “best in the world” at the time.

Race Against Dementia funds PhD students to research the condition, Sir Jackie said, adding: “What we do is we buy young doctors all over the world, from Australia to the US, from China to the Netherlands.

“So we are picking up young doctors, young professors.

“It is only the best medical center that you want to get the best graduate from.

“We are choosing the most talented in the world. We have great support, great financial support for it.”

The three-time world champion said: “It’s a challenge, but I’m used to challenges. I’ve been challenging all my life.”

Despite this, Sir Jackie is optimistic that his work will find a cure or treatment for the condition.

“I wouldn’t have thought I was going to win the world championship when I started in motorsport. But I won the world championship three times.” he said.

Stay on top of the latest developments and research on the disease.

“The latest statistic says that for everyone born today, one in three people will have dementia and there is no cure,” he revealed.

“For more than 50 years, there has been no cure. So we have to change that. So we are using Formula One to change it.”

Sir Jackie believes that the medical profession has failed to find a cure, but “there are no problems, only solutions”.

He said: “The brain is by far the most complicated piece of equipment in the world. So I understand that it is not an easy trick. But who was it that said that there are no problems, there are only solutions?

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