Viewers Cry Over Olympian’s Heartbreaking Story

Sir Mo Farah’s story left viewers in tears. (BBC)

Sir Mo Farah told the incredible story of his early childhood and his true identity as a trafficked child in a BBC documentary on Wednesday that left viewers in tears.

The gold medal-winning Olympian, who had previously claimed he had traveled to the UK from Somalia as a child with his family, has revealed his lifelong secret that he had actually been trafficked to the UK to work as a child. in domestic service and was given a new name

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He recounted how he had escaped the family that forced him to run his home and moved in with a relative of his, devoting his efforts to running as he struggled to deal with the trauma of his father’s death, the worries about what had happened been from his family and the panic that one day he might be deported.

The real Mofarah

Sir Mo Farah visited his mother in Somalia. (BBC)

Sir Mo’s emotional story included taking his young son Hussein, who has the Olympic athlete’s birth name, to Somalia to meet his mother and siblings and hear about their anguish when they realized he had been taken to the UK. .

Viewers were captivated by the athlete’s story, recounting how the BBC One documentary left them in tears. The real Mofarah.

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One person tweeted: “Tears flow watching your story. Such a sad story and you’ve done a brave and brilliant job of highlighting this issue. It’s also a reminder that teachers are often the first to spot these things and help.”

Someone else added: “Couldn’t stop crying @Mo_Farah documentary, in a time when there was less awareness and less training to manage, the school was legendary, it praises Mo for being strong and brave and raising awareness”.

The real Mofarah

Sir Mo Farah and his wife Tania try to rebuild their childhood. (BBC)

Another viewer commented: “I watched it with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. I hope you now have some of the peace you and yours deserve, although there are still some loose ends.”

Someone else tweeted: “Amazed for you sir. It took a lot of guts to tell your story. Thank you. It was honest, it was beautiful, it was heartbreaking. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been; separated from family, alone in a strange land. You are You. My admiration for you just grew.”

Viewers were also moved by the story of Sir Mo’s school PE teacher Alan Watkinson, the first person he confided his true identity to and who helped him escape from the family that was using him as a servant. .

alan watkinson

Physical education teacher Alan Watkinson kept the secret for years. (BBC)

Watkinson encouraged the athlete’s talent for running and kept his secret for decades, even applying for British citizenship for teenager Farah so he could represent his country in sporting competitions.

One viewer tweeted: “What an amazing guy Mo Farah’s PE teacher is. Taking Mo Farah under his wing is one thing. Keeping this secret to himself is another. Can’t help but think there are thousands out there who do.” they would have done.” cashed in.”

Someone else agreed: “Alan Watkinson… take a bow. Taking care of Mo Farah like that and keeping such a big secret from you is amazing. What you did was amazing. You deserve all the accolades that are waiting for you tonight.” “.

Another person wrote: “The Mo Farah documentary was brilliant. PE teacher Alan Watkinson deserves a big round of applause for his faith in Mo and more importantly for protecting him.”

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